Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Flag Fen Lives

In July 2012, we completed a small project for Vivacity Peterborough, updating displays in the Preservation Hall at Flag Fen. The archaeology park is home to a wooden causeway some 3,500 years old that is so unique it is held by experts all over the world in the same esteem as Stonehenge. Our work was linked to an important and unique excavation project on the site: Flag Fen Lives.

On an extremely limited budget and tight timescale, the project sought to achieve a number of key objectives:
  • To change an entry room used as a thoroughfare into a dedicated exhibition space which is attention grabbing, informative and pleasant to linger in
  • To bring all the elements of the site together in explaining what Flag Fen is about
  • To prepare visitors for viewing exposed Bronze Age timbers in the adjacent preservation chamber
We redesigned the layout of the room to accommodate new graphic panels, re-used display cases and a new interactive AV unit. Working closely with the staff at Flag Fen we advised on exhibit content and object displays, and designed, artworked and managed the installation of the new graphic panels. Our work was completed within budget and on time - less than 4 weeks from being commissioned to installation!

During installation

During installation

Entry Room before the project